Toilet Head Studios was launched during Summer 2012 by Co-Founder(s) / Co-Lead Developer(s) Zane Byrnes and Smash Cooper. While Zane has always been in charge of Toilet Head Studios, he has continued to make it clear that everybody on the team has some part in every project that is worked on by Toilet Head Studios.

In recent years, Toilet Head Studios has grown into a small, but talented group of friends who work together on Game and Game-Related Projects, although mostly Video Games and Modifications for pre-exisiting Video Games. Toilet Head Studios is currently working on: "A Game Where You Shoot Stuff as Cats".

We're really trying to get Toilet Head Studios out there and let everyone know about it! We hope to be able to release some projects as soon as possible and try to expand our team... Our small group of members will eventually grow, meaning faster release dates. We also enjoy getting feedback & suggestions, and depend a lot on our Community since it's what's helping us thrive... If you would like to join our team, or have any questions or concerns, please contact a member of staff.